Above is a picture of Jason at his birthright trip to Israel in 2014. He was only 24 at the time, but, hey, he is more often behind the camera than in front of it, so it doesn't matter what he looks like. Now, he can most likely be identified by his short, shapely beard and more world-weary visage.

Jason is the owner of Forget Me Not Films. He graduated from the University of Michigan in late 2010 with degrees in Screen Arts & Culture and Italian. He studied and fell in love with, yes, Italian cinema, but sometimes he cheats on it with Russian cinema.

Afterwards, Jason used literally all of his remaining funds from working summer jobs to buy a camera, and he immediately began shooting his first short film, "Shoot!", as well as a few weddings in Michigan. He moved back to his homeland of New Jersey in late 2011 to shoot his first feature, The Pit, as well as lay a groundwork for his adult life. The Pit wasn't completed until early 2016 - it takes a long time to shoot a 2:40 hour film with only your friends as actors and crew. Next was "Pasta Mafia", a delightful, G-rated Mafia comedy short.

Currently, he lives alone in Princeton Junction, NJ, and is working on his second feature screenplay, Time Capsules.

On top of screenwriting and corporate video, Jason also enjoys long walks, going to the movies, metal and folk music, singing and guitar, meditation, and yoga.

At one point in his silly life, for whatever reason, he thought it was a good idea to make this video: